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Breaking stereotypes..

Wise people should stick together..

Пані і Панове,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mesdames et Messieurs!

We are pleased to see you on our web site.

Together, we have lived to see the day when the word news has lost its meaning. Everything follows the scheme – twenty negative stories followed by a video about a panda. “News” is made up. Journalists turned into manipulators..

Just like you, we are quite fed up with pseudo-news and sensation shams made by “journalists” out of thin air just to please their owners.

At the very least, it’s boring. At most – it’s plain disinformation, therefore it shows disrespect to us.

Would you like to see the world in a different light? Let’s get to it together. Let’s make News.. We will share articles from our readers, who have something to say. Welcome. We are looking forward to it.

You will find analytical articles on our web site. Meaning, we support Information. Our publications are like evening news; so that you can slowly analyze the text, trying to sort out not so much the consequences, as the reasons.. However, we are writing about consequences too – possible consequences.. ))

We share both texts and visualizations of the positive things that the world created and continues to create. As for the negative, let’s leave that to the foolish..


We will do it anyway, but –

If you’ve learned something useful here and you believe that such information is needed by the society and are willing to support the project financially – Welcome !!!

The amount does not matter.

Best wishes,
Europe Liberal team..

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You’ll see the line,
line that’s drawn between the Good and the bad..