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If You were the Mona Lisa, You’d be hanging in the Louvre..


Here you will find a collection of works from painters worth knowing about…

Це просто скульптури..
Це просто скульптори..
Це просто геніально..
Це просто відсічено зайве..

Це просто:
Антоній Сулима-Попель.
Giovanni Maria Benzoni.
Raffaelle Monti.
Antonio Corradini.
Giovanni Lombardi.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
Giovanni Strazza.
Chauncey Ives.

 І звісно ні одного комуніста при владі…
Просто ні одного..
Hа сто квадратних кілометрів..

Wooden staircase of the Gentry Casino’s main atrium. Lviv.
Casino: project by Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer. Built in 1897-1898 – firm “Fellner & Helmer”
Staircase: a project carried out by a sculptor Jaraie Sándor
St Paul’s Cathedral
The city of London.
Built in 1708.
Architect – Sir Christopher Wren.
Current state – perfect.
One of the symbols of the city and the Anglican Church. Located in the City District. Its history is unique. The modern temple is the fifth religious building constructed at this spot. The first was a wooden church erected by Christian missionaries on the site of the former Roman buildings. Famous people are buried in the Cathedral: Admiral Nelson, Duke Wellington, Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill, etc.
There isn’t a single café or office on the Temple’s premises..
Domini Canes
The city of Lviv.
Built in 1764.
Architect – Jan de Witte.
Current state – neglected.
It stands on the site of the palace of the King Leo I of Galicia.
Heritage-listed building of national importance.
Prior to WW II – the temple of the Roman Catholic monastery of the Dominican Order. During the Soviet times, warehouses were set up in the church and the monastic cells, and since 1973 the building was used to house the History of Religion and Atheism Museum.
In the 1990s, the Temple was transferred to the UGCC and consecrated in honor of the Most Holy Eucharist.
As of 2010, a part of the building with the monastic cells is occupied by the “Dzyga” art association (in particular, the gallery of the same name, as well as the “Kvartyra 35” art cafe, the “Pid Clepsydroyu” cafe and the “Lviv Candle Manufactory” cafe), and as for the Lviv History of Religion Museum (formerly the History of Religion and Atheism Museum), it still remains in another part of the building of the monastic cells as well as in the bell tower..
The city of Dresden
Built in 1743.
Architect – George Bähr.
Current state – perfect.
Evangelical Lutheran Baroque Temple. It is the dominant building in the center of the Neumarkt Square in Dresden, located between the Old Market and the River Elbe. It’s an example of the Protestant spiritual architecture. Covered with one of the largest stone domes north of the Alps. Completely destroyed on February 13, 1945. Fully restored in 2005. The elegant temple is designed for 3,500 people.
There isn’t a single café on the Temple’s premises..
St Andrew’s Church
The city of Kyiv
Built in 1762.
Architect – Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.
Current state – post-Soviet “restauration”..
Part of the “Sophia of Kyiv” National Sanctuary. A single-domed temple with a five-domed completion has the shape of a cross (31.5-22.7 m) and in its corners there are decorative towers placed on massive pillars that function as counterforces. On the outside, the counterforces are decorated with pilasters and covered with three pairs of columns with capitals of the Corinthian order. With its mass, the church rests on a two-story stylobate with 8 rooms on each floor, the walls of which form the foundation of the church. 23,500 bricks and 28,970 pounds of nails were used on the construction of the church; 1590 books and 20 sheets of gold were spent on the gilding of the tops.
For now, there isn’t a single café on the Temple’s premises..
UPG: In the light of recent events, there is hope that there will be none. Maybe, it will even get restored..
We give you etchings of works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Anders Zorn..
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Dutch painter, etcher
Peter Paul Rubens
Flemish painter
Anders Leonard Zorn
Swedish realist painter,
graphic and sculptor.


“Kryva Lypa.” Toned estamp. Size: 30 x 45. Artist – Volodymyr Suts.

“Kryva Lypa.” Toned estamp. Size: 30 x 45. Artist – Volodymyr Suts.

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