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Here you will find a collection of works from photo artists worth knowing about..

Fort Sumner, New Mexico: “Billy the Kid”
Billy the Kid, a.k.a. Fort Sumner from New Mexico, is known in modern times due to one remaining photo. The picture was taken in approximately 1879-1880 and history has not preserved the author’s name. The unique photo was bought by an unknown collector for $2.3 million several years ago..
Peter Lik’s works can be found in collections of Bill Clinton, George Bush, architect Frank Gehry, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith bands, Celine Dion, Cindy Crawford, Ivanka Trump and many other world celebrities.
Peter Lik is the most expensive photographer in the world. Recently, his photo “Phantom” broke the last record of Andreas Gursky and was bought for $ 6,500,000.
The black and white photograph captures rays of light in a cave which, in the opinion of the artist, form a figure resembling a ghost. The picture was taken in the Antelope Canyon, which is located in the Southwestern region of the United States, in Arizona.
Peter is a self-taught photographer and most of his pictures show unique landscapes and natural phenomena. Overall, Lik sold his photographs for more than 150 million dollars to various print media. Out of 20 most expensive photos in the world, 4 were made by Peter Lik..
Andriy Kulchytsky
We give you works of the photo artist Andriy Kulchytsky.
Part one
Andriy Kulchytsky
We give you works of the photo artist Andriy Kulchytsky.
Part two
Andriy Kulchytsky
Part three

It Was Raining..


“Kryva Lypa.” Toned estamp. Size: 30 x 45. Artist – Volodymyr Suts.

“Guide for pregnant women”. Olena Berezovska. Canada.

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